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OK, try 4.16pre1.

Also, I've updated the default langpacks, and posted a little merge tool:

(there are win32 and OSX versions there, and the source which you can compile if you get WDL, too).

Usage (from the command line):
merge_langpack english.txt mylanguage.txt > new.txt
Run this, then inspect new.txt to make sure everything looks right. Note that comments from mylanguage.txt will likely not be preserved. new.txt will have some comments with ####### ... telling you what is new, and what is possibly obsolete in your langpack.

The lines that begin with ;^ mean that this is an optional override for the particular string in that section (it would also be in the common section). You can remove those lines, but the next time you do a merge it will get added again by the merge tool...

I'm interested in your comments, and if you have suggestions for tweaks to this tool that would help speed up your work, let me know!
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