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Default Dear Geoffrey/Nicholas

I absolutely love Reaper and combined with the help of people on this forum I bought it and am having much fun learning. I purchased your book but the software included which you urge us to use and much of the info is strictly Window based.

Still, it's an absolute must, but . . . if a Mac version comes out in New Edition . . . I would repurchase.

I know you must be extremely busy and to look back is not always in the best interests as you could be writing new books and programming.

I also have a book on Lulu:
and know the heartache involved as I simply changed my email address and had to redo the spine and order copies and embed fonts (all on their command), and all kinds of stuff with very little help from Lulu.

Good luck with Course Technology, great software, wonderful book :-)


PS - I just read in your post in this tread dated 03-17-2010, 09:35 PM:
"As for the Mac ... it's probably something I should ideally address, but alas seeing as I've never used a Mac I don't really feel comfortable about doings o."
Your program works so intuitively on a Mac . . . I'm surprised! Very intuitive, but I agree . . . no do-overs!
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