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A video package as part of your curriculum for home study will probably serve those folks well.

With the basics Protools provides, they'll probably appreciate the flexibility of Reapers feature set. You can never know too little in this regard. Reaper may very well provide a solution to urgent problems we all face in daily studio routine.

I certainly know that providing a bunch of variations of stem mixdowns is a task I'd rather perform with anything but Protools these days. Same for microtuning, same for drum editing, same for dialog editing(oh yeah!), same for fx editing.

If you want to help your students be more flexible, teach them how to exchange sessions and deliver formats. ProConvert and AATranslator would need to be part of that. Reaper offers flatfile export, just like Protools does, and that's important as almost any mixing gig is done with flat files, especially those in Protools. Nobody loves plugin conflicts less than PT folks.
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