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"Funny thing is many of us have made pretty good money with that pile o'sh*t. I take it you haven't"

With pretty much anything but ProTools, yes I have ( Cubase, Nuendo, and Live come to mind, Reaper I use for my own personal projects as clients don't know about it and usually like to hear familiar names ), and for the last 10 years or so... And since I'm still entitled to my opinion, I'll stick to it.

I'm sure it works for you and it seems to work for other people as well, but after trying it last year to see what I was missing, I'm reassured I'm not missing anything and that it is in fact an outdated counter-intuitive piece of software and hardware sold for an outrageous price. The control surfaces/mixing boards ( Icon and Venue ) are very nice though, and if I could integrate an Icon with Cubase or Reaper flawlessly, I'd probably get one in a heartbeat. But the software... Sorry, but you couldn't convince me to use it instead of pretty much anything else, especially Live or Reaper.
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