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Originally Posted by chardin View Post
What topics do you plan to cover in the next series? Can you give us a short list of some things we can look forward to?
Hmmm. To be perfectly honest. This is the first moment I have tried to make a list.

So it doesn't get any more "scratch" than this.

1. Working with Time Based Audio.
2. Beat Detective like Quantizing for Multi-Track Drums
3. Elastic Audio like Quantizing for Multi-Track Drums
4. Drum Replacement
5. Changing the Tempo of the Entire Song
6. Full Description of all the SWS Extensions and how to use them.
7. How to Customize or create your own Themes
8. Running thru Every Single Preference
9. Ideas with Actions
10. Parallel Compression
11. Using Sidechains

I have to stop or else I'll start shooting videos tomorrow.

I do take requests.
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