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Originally Posted by nicholas View Post
Rick, if you'd care to PM me with your email address I'll send you the files.

I don't suppose this offer stands to others as well?

After purchasing the SafariBooksOnline edition, getting myself properly inspired, caffeinated, and ideally situated for maximal learning, I made the sad discovery late into "Day 3" that e-books don't come with sample files.

Unfortunately, this means my burgeoning "Recording God" status will forever be stalled on "Day 3: Your First REAPER Lesson" unless you are able to find a kind spot in your heart to send me 'RosesBloom.rrp' and/or any additional sample files I may need to achieve REAPER mastery.

In return for your kindness in righting the wrongs of e-book purchases, I'm fully prepared to name a wing of my future project library in your honor, and perhaps craft a tribute sound effect (if your book teaches me how). I know it's not much.

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