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Originally Posted by Guitarist4u36 View Post
I have a question as well. I'm running Reaper on an Apple Imac. A lot of the book is based around windows, understandably. I have windows machines as well, so some stuff has been as easy as interpreting windows apps to mac apps. But I was wondering if you have, or would suggest, any tutorials that, if used along with this book, might help make the interpreting easier and faster.
Dino, thanks for your kind remarks.

As for the Mac ... it's probably something I should ideally address, but alas seeing as I've never used a Mac I don't really feel comfortable about doings o.

The differences for the most part relate to how REAPER interfaces with the hardware and OS - things like where files are stored, sound card drivers, etc.

Once you've got them sorted, you shouldn't find too much of a problem. OS version of REAPER still doesn't quite have all the features of the Windows versions, but it's getting there ...
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