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Default Noob here....Just downloaded Reaper Yesterday!!!!

I just wanted to chime in here if you don't mind. First, I want to say that I just joined the Reaper forum and I want to say HI to everyone here and I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you!!!
While I'm not really a beginner to recording in general, I am a beginner to Computer based DAWs. In the past, I've always done everything pretty much "old school" if you will...working with workstations like the Roland VS2480, etc. Even though you can edit media files and such with those, I still never dug too deep into it. I just tried to always get the best takes I could and work from there. So, even though the thought of learning a DAW is somewhat overwhelming, I'm really looking forward to learning the craft.
I chose REAPER to start for several reasons. One being all the positive feedback I've read and another for the incredible value!!! I have lost many hairs trying to decide which DAW software to use...and I'm sure I'm not alone!!! lol.
Anyway, the main reason I replied to this thread. I just wanted to say that the first thing I did was buy a copy of this book. So far...and I'm not into it too 50 pages or so, but it has really been helpful and (insert drum roll here) I can actually UNDERSTAND it!!! lol
I love the way you try to teach at a level where a beginner can grasp it! So often the computer mumble-jumbo and technical terminology that's written in these books is so overwhelming that all you want to do is throw the book in the corner and give up. So, I thank you for approaching this book the way you have.
I have a question as well. I'm running Reaper on an Apple Imac. A lot of the book is based around windows, understandably. I have windows machines as well, so some stuff has been as easy as interpreting windows apps to mac apps. But I was wondering if you have, or would suggest, any tutorials that, if used along with this book, might help make the interpreting easier and faster. I'm only concerned that the deeper I get into Reaper, the more I'm going to wish I had something of that sort.
Anyway, I'll shut this long winded post down
Thanks again!!!

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