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Default v6.02rc1 - December 16 2019

v6.02rc1 - December 16 2019
  • + ARA: add per-plugin menu item to force reanalysis of media (for example, after using external editor)
  • + Accessibility: improve Windows IAccessible suppor for STATE_SYSTEM_FOCUSED
  • + Classic 5.0 theme: add toolbar images
  • + FX chain: switch active plug-in before showing context menu when right clicking in list [t=228136]
  • + FX: improve automated parameter behavior when moving items with FX automation across tracks [t=227956]
  • + Floating toolbars: improve pin positioning when frameless
  • + HiDPI: hidpi image for generic UIs sliders, track send sliders
  • + MIDI editor: do not reset velocity for new notes when editing in velocity lane, only when editing velocity on note directly or using reset mouse modifier [p=2217439]
  • + MIDI editor: drawing optimizations
  • + MIDI editor: fix default CC shape not persisting when reopening REAPER
  • + MIDI editor: fix first inserted CC event ignoring default curve shape in some situations [p=2212310]
  • + MIDI editor: fix persistence of option to show note names on notes [t=226666]
  • + MIDI editor: fix right-click and double-click behavior in inline MIDI editor
  • + MIDI editor: improve quality of diamond/triangle notes on retina displays
  • + MIDI editor: ix inline editor CC lane display when showing media item lane in normal MIDI editor
  • + MIDI editor: only draw filled CC envelope for the active channel in the active media item
  • + MIDI editor: prevent flicker when scrolling editor in synced view mode [p=2215606]
  • + MIDI editor: refresh open editors after changing default MIDI note colorap
  • + MIDI editor: remove support for per-media-item note colormaps
  • + MIDI editor: select items using default behavior in marquee with marquee modifier no longer present [t=228764]
  • + MIDI editor: support HiDPI/retina images for track list
  • + MIDI editor: support HiPDI/Retina transport button images
  • + MIDI editor: sync timebase to arrange view without re-centering [t=222938]
  • + MIDI editor: use slightly smaller font size for drawing project markers/regions [p=2216700]
  • + MIDI editor: when modifying CC lanes, update any inline editors
  • + MIDI inline editor: support HiDPI/retina theme images
  • + Media explorer: support HiDPI/Retina transport button images
  • + Media items: optimize display of text notes in media items [t=228372]
  • + ReaSamplomatic5k: improve voice-reuse logic in certain voice-starved situations (old mode used on existing projects, additional hidden VST parameter)
  • + ReaScript: add MARKER_GUID:X to get the unique identifier of a project marker or region [t=207856]
  • + ReaScript: remove support for deprecated MIDI support file types
  • + Ruler: improve retina/hidpi appearance of markers
  • + Tempo map: further improve behavior of insert measure from loop selection actions [p=2215874]
  • + Theme Adjuster: Ctrl+Z for undo
  • + Theme: new mono button
  • + Toolbars: always show close button when floating
  • + Toolbars: do not remove toolbar pin when small and frameless
  • + Toolbars: make appearance of built-in items match 5.x
  • + Toolbars: when frameless and very small, allow resizing
  • + Tooltips: prevent stale tooltips from persisting when switching active windows
  • + Tracks: playback offset defaults to disabled (although there is no difference between disabled and enabled with zero offset)
  • + Undo: improve FX parameter restoring when undoing the addition of envelopes/parameter modulation/LFO [t=227956]
  • + VST3: add support for plugins that output MIDI CC data, via LegacyMIDICCOutEvent
  • + VST3: replace input audio rather than summing for instruments that have sidechain input but no main input [t=227974]
  • + VST: add HiDPI compatibility setting that affects floating plug-in UIs
  • + Web interface: avoid UI hangs when unable to resolve
  • + Windows: auto-lower pinned windows while modal window is present
  • + Windows: fix topmost pin positioning issues
  • + Windows: option to ignore alt-key presses affects FX chains, FX browser, Video, Media Explorer windows
  • + macOS: experimental option to allow dark mode on 10.14+ (in preferences/general/advanced)
  • + macOS: fix window background fills for knobs/etc when dark-mode is manually enabled
  • # Default theme: fix solo defeat image
  • # Floating toolbars: hide close button if it intersects toolbar button
  • # Floating toolbars: hide topmost pin (but maintain state) if it intersects toolbar button
  • # HiDPI: fade editor and track I/O windows support hidpi/retina
  • # MIDI editor: fix mousewheel zoom in project synced timebase when preference is to center zoom on mouse cursor [p=2212460]
  • # MIDI editor: restore previous synced timebase behavior when MIDI editor is docked at top or bottom of main REAPER window
  • # Ruler: fix incorrect wide width of markers in hidpi/UI scaling
  • # Ruler: optimize drawing project markers that are very close together
  • # Toolbars: adjust minimum size and reset topmost pin after changing toolbar frameless state [p=2216976]
  • # Windows: add context menu item in Add FX window to set/unset HiDPI compatibility mode for multiple selected plug-ins at once
  • # Windows: fix another topmost pin z-order bug
  • # Windows: fix topmost pin stuck/lag behavior after minimize
  • # Windows: improve small pin positioning/sizing
  • # Windows: option to ignore alt-key presses affects everything
  • # Windows: prevent topmost pins from being positioned to the left of the window frame
  • # Windows: properly restore pin states when restoring from minimized (again)
  • # Windows: topmost pin behavior cleanups
  • # Windows: tweak topmost pin visibility when inactive, disable clicks of pins when modal window is open
  • # macOS: fix last broken build
  • # macOS: fix text field drawing in Dark mode (with dark mode manually enabled)
  • # macOS: improve render status in dark mode
  • # theme: tweak recarm images
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