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Originally Posted by nofish View Post
As a thought, personally I'd find it helpful for testing if there would be some kind of changelog for CSI where we could see what changed at a glance (wouldn't need to be as detailed as Reaper's changelog for example I think). Or is there and I missed it?

To give an example why, when I was getting back to testing after a longer pause I just found out by chance skimming through this long thread that meanwhile auto mapping of sends and FX was added apparently.

I know it's an ambigous suggestion because writing changelogs takes away from actual coding time so I can understand deciding against it.
Especially in the pre alpha.

But I definitely hear ya'

LearnMode is consuming most of the cycles right now, but docs are stacked up right behind, along with an implementation of Folders.

At that point we might even call a beta, then docs become even more important.

So, yeah, definitely get it, and the timing is about right -- I've even started to jot some tech stuff down -- and the "Control Surface Integrator" pdf in the build is usually, mostly, up to date... ... often
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