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Originally Posted by Klangfarben View Post
I'm very sorry if I'm not understanding here, but shouldn't the shared memory per VST instance be MUCH higher for instruments like Kontakt? 5MB won't even load the blank plugin with no samples loaded. Having only 5MB of shared memory for multiple Kontakt instances or Omnispheres etc. doesn't seem like it would be of any help at all.
That memory sharing is not about Kontakt's etc internals (which wouldn't know anything about Linux and Wine anyway), but about the streaming audio, MIDI and parameter data. Not much memory is needed for that. (128 channels of 32 bit floating point mono audio with a buffer size of 512 samples would use about 256 kilobytes of memory.)

If the Wine based hosting uses a separate process for each plugin, then the plugin instances can't share memory between each other without some special code added to accommodate that by the plugin developers.

When multiple instances of the same plugin are loaded into the same process, like happens by default on most Windows hosts, the plugin instances can trivially share memory between each other. (Actually that easy memory sharing has been the cause of many bugs in plugins in the past.)
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