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I'm taking a guess because I don't know all of the details involved.

My guess would be that since Windows hardware drivers are not supported in Wine (because of many technical reasons) that Muse Research might have got (licensed) programming specs from ILok and then wrote a Linux driver for their receptor system.

If that was the case then it's probably never going to happen with Wine as Wine is not going to license anything.

That's my guess, which might be wrong.


Can I use Wine to install drivers for my hardware?

No. Wine requires your hardware to already be working on your operating system. The technical reason for this is that Wine, like most applications, runs in user mode and not kernel mode


>3. Is it basically a computer (motherboard, CPU and hard drive), but with optimized software for running VSTs?

Yes it is an optimized computer... "optimized" is the key word here :wink:

We've developed our own OS based on Linux and WINE that is specifically optimized to play Windows VST plug-ins. We also have our own custom software front end for mixing stacking, tweaking (and saving!) patches as well as display the origin GUI presented by the developers. We also have a custom
version of iLok so that installation is the same for each plug-in. We also have special Ethernet based communication software that enables you to see the Muse Control front end software, and edit everything inside of
Receptor from the comfort of the screen of your host computer. Also, Receptor
has a custom hardware front panel that enables full control from the front of the box.

>Is so, what type of CPU, hard drive, etc?

We are currently utilizing an AMD Athlon 2500. Please note that with our
optimized OS the levels of efficiency outstrip comparable Windows and Apple
systems running on similar processors.

We include a 40GB hard drive (there are 4 USB 2.0 ports on the back if you
need extra space). We ship with 256 MB of RAM, expandable to 2GB.

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