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Originally Posted by Klangfarben View Post
The problem is there isn't any kind of replacement for Kontakt. Libraries like Spitfire, Cinesamples, OrchestralTools, etc., etc. simply won't run in anything else and there is no way you could convert them to another format. Not with all the custom scripting, GUIs, legato switching etc. It would literally be impossible and I don't use that word lightly.

So, while you are absolutely right in terms of the performance hit, optimizing Windows Vsts/Wine as much as possible and allowing separate Kontakt/Vst instances to share memory is really critical. Just in terms of memory usage, I would need around 300GB to load my Windows template in Linux, vs 100GB in Windows.
From the Wine docs

All wine processes using the same wineserver (i.e.: same user) share certain things like registry, shared memory and kernel objects.

Also, any instance of a vst needs it's own block of shared memory to copy (that vst instance's) audio etc from a Linux process to a Wine process and the shared memory needs to be large enough to cover the amount (of that vst instance's) audio tracks.

I think I've got the vst instance shared memory at around 5MB or so, and it could go down a bit more.

Ryzen/i9 systems memory throughput would be optimal.

There is overhead in just the Wine video/gui translation and I've seen slower video cards interfere with the latency response, the Wine gamers have Proton or whatever because of the same sort of reasons.

The more modern the hardware is, the more the performance including the video hardware and drivers.

Older dual cores or even quads (10 or more years old etc) are probably ok for very light things but not for more than that and ddr2 systems and older video hardware can be bottlenecks (I have a motherboard that can take ddr2 or ddr3 to compare).

Memory spread out across 2 banks can halve the cpu load more or less (Reapers cpu load) as compared to having all the memory in a single bank, because of the shared memory and how memory banks tend to work.

I don't know if I could get a 1000 Kontakt instances running ok on my Windows 10 systems, I've never tried 1000 instances of anything.

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