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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
This of course is abysmal.

If Reaper/linux would feature an automatic Wine/LinVST bridge for windows plugins, this should be crafted in a way that a sequence of Windows plugins is handled in a single instance of bridge.
When I first got all my Windows plugins working in Linux I had just completed a project in Windows with close to 100 plugins. Playing that project in Linux exposed for me the performance hit of bridging that many Windows plugins, which was the exact same experience I had when moving to 64 bit Windows and all my 32 bit plugins were being bridged.

Since replacing all my 3rd party Windows audio plugins with 3rd party native Linux audio plugins, the performance hit I see when using things like Kontakt, Superior Drummer, and other bridged Windows instrument plugins is negligible, because now there are so few instances of LinVST and WINE being used.
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