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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
This of course is abysmal.

If Reaper/linux would feature an automatic Wine/LinVST bridge for windows plugins, this should be crafted in a way that a sequence of Windows plugins is handled in a single instance of bridge.
There is still Linux to Wine process switching.

I've tried to work out possible bottlenecks including timing process switching with and without wine and testing the wineserver response and testing shared memory and I can't pinpoint large bottlenecks with any of these and it seems to me that some kernels just tend to deal with Wine better than others, hence the 5.2 liquorix kernel comment I made where the performance improvement is very noticeable.

It wasn't that noticeable with the liquorix 4.x kernels but with the 5.2 liquorix kernel it is.

In kernel 5.2 there have been internal changes and maybe some of them help when combined with kernel optimization patches, I'm not sure.
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