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Very cool results, and under challenging conditions!
The waters get deeper exponentially, once adding the fifth track...

I just did a quick unscientific ballpark comparison
of linux U-he instruments vs the windows versions in
wine-staging 4.14, Mint 18, low latency kernel 4.14,
and using the latest reapers,
using only qjackctl cpu readout, while playing
about with single notes of each instruments default patch,
and attempting 'ballpark accuracy',
as the cpu reading beebops a good deal. Linux % on left
wine/win % on the right:

ACE 9/10
Bazille 17/29
Diva 40/44
Hive2 25/23
Podolski 5/6
Repro-1 15/17
Repro-5 48/48 (used Bellina preset, not the default presets)
TyrellN6 13/17
Zebra2 6/8

Hive2 was the only one showing higher cpu use in linux,
and likely as it's a recent and huge update release,
Abique may not have had much time to tweak it's performance.
All in all, the linux ports are unscientifically
doing very well!

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