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Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
I don't plan to buy any more Windows VST/VSTi plugins, but my reasons are more about efficiency, which was why I sought out and bought a couple hundred bucks worth of new plugins that are native Linux. These were all audio plugins, which can be found.

As for instrument plugins, I still rely on Kontakt and a handful of other Windows VSTi plugins I already have, but whether I run Windows or Linux I have no plans to expand my virtual instruments.

That said, some developer could sure get some money out of me if they came up with a native Linux replacement for Kontakt with a similar stock library of high quality playable sounds.
Unless a product is fully cross-platform, there is no way
to compare efficiency. At best, with a U-he product, you could compare

linux Zebra in linux reaper
windows zebra in linux-wine running windows reaper
windows zebra wrapped by linvst in linux reaper
windows zebra in windows
sell your Toyota, buy a mac, and compare
mac zebra with all of the above.

But even then the reaper daws are unequal, and no accurate
frame of reference exists among linux systems
with myriad DE's, config genious, config blunders,
kernels of every size shape and color running
who-knows-what from start-up...sometimes have to decide
things on more than efficiency alone.


I didn't plan on getting married, until a friend
introduced me to 'the one'...

I didn't plan on buying Hive until I heard it...


Might be easier to code a Kontakt competitor, than to match
or beat it's library and 3rd-party products,
it seems the three together
will be kings of the hill for quite awhile.
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