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The latest version of Seaweed Audio's Fathom synthesizer
was a major update, but it continues to work well when
wrapped by LinVst. It's an example of a developer focussing
on solid code and improvements, rather than arcane
registration schemes, pointless download managers,
and intrusive data mining.

Seaweed is currently a one-man-shop, so producing a linux version
would slow developement of crucial planned capabilities,
like AVX integration, implementing gpu processing power,
and adding a robust sampling solution. Without much hope
of dramatically increased profits directly from linux version

If we as a group of musicians, fail to buy excellent usable
software tools, simply because wine and linvst are needed,
who loses? I say everybody loses.

Excluding new and excellent software from our toolset
secretly dampens creative potential, lowers the profitability
of brilliant career coders, and could stigmatize linux musicians
as isolationist technophobes, with a misplaced
superiority complex, rather than 'us' being
seen as a group of forward thinking creatives.

Have a great weekend, and consider to demo,
or test a free version of, something new and exciting.
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