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Great post Klangfarben!

Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
In a perfect world the developers of Kontakt etc. would make Linux VST plugins so that Linux users wouldn't have to rely on bridging.

In this "Native Instruments (etc.) will never give a shit about Linux" world, I guess if Cockos wanted to make Reaper for Linux capable of working with all Windows VST plugins that would be nice. I really wouldn't hold your breath though. That's a rather large ask.
Man, Im so with you on that. I recently did a comparison between Diva Linux/Windows.
The project running the Linux version had 10-15% less CPU.
So, a native Kontakt version would be really awesome. But unfortunately, NI is not interested in Linux.

The problem is really the large amount of Kontakt instances we run. On the long run, this kills Reaper with an non-optimized Wine.

On a different note... I tried to build the arch package from github, but there are a lot libs that arent available (anymore?) in Manjaro. Any idea how to get that package complied?
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