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Default ReaKontrol: Komplete Kontrol Mk2 deep integration with Reaper

... moving this into the proper subforum (some history is here:

ReaKontrol Plugin Extension for Reaper
Deep DAW Integration going beyond MCU:
- Komplete Kontrol Instance Focus
- Transport Control
- Mixer Control / Control Surface Functions
- Extended Edit Control for Looping and Arranging
- Custom Actions and Scripts

This is a fork of the repository originally started by James Teh.
ReaKontrol supports Komplete Kontrol S-series Mk2 keyboards on PCs running Windows and OSX*
A-series and M-series are supported with less functionality.

Technical Notes
The plugin is a single small file coded in C++. A strong emphasis is put on CPU efficiency. All basic functions follow NI's design intent for the officially supported DAWs to maintain maximum compatibility with future updates of NI's drivers and firmware.

Download incl manual:
Installation: see manual (link above) or use ReaPack (

*for OSX installation updated information will be available soon. For now please follow the thread, binaries are currently only on Reaper stash, see

Please check out the short manual. You must disable the Komplete Kontrol DAW MIDI device for ReaKontrol to work properly: Options>Preferences>Audio>MIDI Devices: The Device “Komplete Kontrol DAW - 1” (S-series) or “Komplete Kontrol A DAW” or “Komplete Kontrol M DAW” (A/M-Series) should be disabled as input and output. Leave your normal Komplete Kontrol MIDI Device enabled.

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