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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
So the Mackie is not strange at all, the X Touch mimics most of the Mackie dialect.
Of course it does (or tries to). So I need to rephrase: " But I do suppose this is just a Mackie specialty (Weirdness), implemented by Macie themselves and the devices that mimic Mackie behavior. "

Any "independant" devices (such as XControl in other modes) supposedly will adhere more closely to "standard" Midi messages (with more "compatible" behavior) - including HiRes CC when appropriate.

Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
There is no C#3 on an X Touch, there is a Mute button.
Of course you are right. But the Mute button only exists in Mackie Mode. in other modes, there are just "buttons". The software to be controlled (i.e. you) defines the meaning of each of them.


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