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Default PDF Notation export problem - workaround found

Originally Posted by schwa View Post
If you have something that we could use to reproduce the problem, feel free to post it here, or email to support at cockos.
Thanks for your support as always, schwa.

It turns out that my problem is some kind of outlier. There must be something wrong with the original MIDI file I imported to create the project. I created a project using a different type 2 MIDI file, and did not get the error message in Reader XI and missing first page.

I worked around the problem for the original MIDI file by creating a new empty track in the arrangement, selecting the MIDI event block in the original track and copying it to the new track. Voila, this fixed the problem. Just copying the track as an object did not fix it; you had to insert the copied events into an empty track.

If you're interested, I have a detailed explanation, screen shot of Reader XI error, analysis of "broken" MIDI file, etc. available if you want it.

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