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Default "Export PDF" omits first page!

First another "me-too" -- I am thrilled this capability is being folded into Reaper. I never thought it would even be on the map. I don't need to tell anyone what a hard software problem this is.

In any case I actually get very nice results on the screen. I'm using a simple piano part, two staves.

My bug is this: when I export the notation to PDF, and open the file in Reader XI, it shows a dialog in the middle of the page: This file has an error. The PDF may not display correctly. There is an OK box which dismisses the dialog. The first page shows has the Title, and is otherwise blank. Then the second page starts with measure 7, 9, 17, etc. depending on the number of bars width I have set in the Export dialog. The remaining pages of notation render fine.

I'm hoping this is somehow easy to fix. (But of course anything's easy if you don't have to do it.)

I don't yet have XML tools to look at the XML export feature, but if that's what's going to be focused on I will start researching it.

My apologies in advance if this bug has already been reported--or it it's not a bug and I have a setting wrong somewhere.

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