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A little bump of the niggle that I posted earlier:

Originally Posted by juliansader View Post
A few thoughts regarding adding and removing ornaments and articulations via the rightclick menu and Action list:

The "Add x ornament/articulation" Actions, as well as the corresponding menu items in the rightclick lists, actually *toggle* the ornament/articulations, instead of simply adding the articulation/ornament. These actions get rather awkward if the selected notes happen to include notes that already have the relevant articulation or ornament.

In the rightclick menus, the "Remove ornament" options are only available when the note under the mouse has an ornament, but it actually removes ornaments from all selected notes. I think this option should be available whenever any of the selected notes have some ornament. (Similarly for "Remove articulation".)

Whether a checkmark is displayed next to an ornament/articulation in the rightclick list seems to depend on the note under the mouse, not on the rest of the selected notes. If possible, it would be nicely informative if the checkmark could adopt three different states:
1) No mark, if none of the selected notes have the ornament/articulation;
2) Checkmark, if all the selected notes have the ornament/articulation;
3) Some other mark, perhaps "?", if some but not all the selected notes have the ornament/articulation.

If only some of the selected notes have the ornament/articulation, then clicking on the menu item should add the ornament/articulation to all the notes (similar to my proposal for the "Add ornament/articulation" Actions). If all the selected notes already have the ornament/articulation (and the checkmark is therefore displayed), clicking on the menu item can remove the ornament/articulation from all the notes.
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