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Originally Posted by Reaktor:[Dave] View Post
[*] Beams are connected the wrong way (I don't see any logic being applied). It should at least be editable, but useful would be beam patterns.[*] How can we change key signatures?[*] +1 for quantizing notation view independently (without modifying underlying midi data)[*] Export to open format like MusicXML or LilyPond[/LIST]

These questions are answered in the last few posts I believe.

Originally Posted by 'Reaktor:[Dave
[*] Lots of collisions making it hard to read
You can make the staff shorter via ctrl+drag, which might help.

Originally Posted by 'Reaktor:[Dave
[*] Dynamics should be below each system, not above (not in the screenshot)
Note articulations should always be displayed opposite the stem. For dynamics and other row-based notation there is a general notation lane above the staff. There's no support at present for moving these notations to another position on the staff.

Originally Posted by 'Reaktor:[Dave
[*] It would be great if we could "meld" multiple tracks into one system. Like writing for 4 horns, one on each track, but reading them from one system.
Can you explain more please?

Originally Posted by 'Reaktor:[Dave
[*] Export to open format like MusicXML or LilyPond[/LIST]
Just to repeat the previous answer, this is intended, but not any time soon.
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