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Originally Posted by hve View Post
Question, is it possible to open both Notation view and Piano roll ? This would be really handy.
Not at present, and that's not really contemplated for the immediate future. Various issues arise if you allow multiple editors to affect the same content simultaneously.

Originally Posted by hve View Post
It's really great to have text items, but it would be cool to be able to move them around instead of just removing them and creating new ones.
You can to select, copy or move them with the mouse.
[edit] As reported below, copying text items (and row notation) via ctrl+drag is buggy and may crash. This is fixed for the next build.

Originally Posted by hve View Post
is it possible to keep focus on the record shortcut instead
Hmm, we don't seem to have a MIDI editor shortcut for "transport: record", which is surprising. We'll add this, unless there's some existing reason that it's a problem but I'm not thinking of right now.

Originally Posted by hve View Post
It would be great to have some kind of notepad values to choose from (maybe on top of the notation editor) where you can easily choose note values.
You can add toolbar buttons mapped to actions like "Insert note: 1/4".

Originally Posted by buddhajuke View Post
Feature request: Option for Independant quantize for notation display only

OR some other method of allowing readable notation when interpreting a relaxed performance (i.e. not perfectly on the grid)
There are existing actions called "Notation: Quantize display to XXX".

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