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Originally Posted by ed209 View Post
If you set Grid to a triplet setting, and have Notes: Grid -
then you will get triplets in notation. However pauses are not added automatically if you'd manually enter a note.
Can you explain a bit more please?

Originally Posted by Shippo View Post
In the attached, the notes in the top staff would usually be beamed in groups of three, and on the second staff would be a quarter note followed by an eighth note (4 times).
The beaming will follow the active rhythm (metronome) pattern, which is set alongside the tempo and time signature. For your 12/8 measure, if you set the rhythm pattern to ABBABBABBABB, the notes will be beamed in groups of three (or dotted quarters, etc); if you set it to ABBBABBBABBB they will be beamed in groups of four, etc. (Please note: I love this feature)

Originally Posted by Shippo View Post
The dotted whole note on the second line up of the second staff is in fact a very low note from the first staff. This is a keystroke, and we wouldn't normally want to see these. Is there a way to hide notes of certain pitches (or a range)?
There is already a preference for setting the clef for a particular note (for example, to force middle C to notate on the bass clef when using treble+bass). We can extend this preference to allow you to set, in your example, your stray note to treble clef, which will hide it from the bass clef-only view.
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