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first congrats on this one, finally some love for us composers!

Some requests:

- Please show a preview of the notes when entering it with mouse. It's a hit and miss when you don't see what you're clicking.

- Single click entering of notes with mouse.

- Staff direction change, up, down or automatic.

- What about transposing instruments? A Clarinet in Bb, Saxophon, etc..

- How can I enter a Rest?

- Manually change the staff beaming, cross staff beaming.

The changes from 1/8 to 1/16 and back are really buggy. No proper Staff beaming and it results in wrong musical measures. try it in 3/4. You enter a 1/8 Note, change to 1/16 and can enter the next note a 1/16 later while the 1/8 is still there.

When you change the visibility of tracks, the staff view changes only after mouse over.

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