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Originally Posted by Janelizperry View Post
Thanks for the info about your book. Just wondering, does it go through a step by step process for those who use a Mac? I'm just about to give up on Reaper, as I simply can't get the basics...such as downloading Lame so I can translate my .wav into MP3s. I know, from all the many youtube videos I've watched that Reaper's great, but I really can't get past the first base. Am about to give up and move on to something that is a bit more user friendly and makes more sense to someone who is completely new. No doubt, there is some small setting somewhere, that I just don't know about, that would make all the difference in the world. That would be a great thing actually - having some sort of document that tells you exactly what settings you need to record audio on a Mac using Reaper and Lame. I look at Preferences in Options...and I just don't know. Anyway, I'm at my wits end. If you have info for Reaper on Mac, then there still might be hope.

Hi - sorry to hear you're having trouble with this - things do get easier after an initial learning curve

I noticed that you only have 2 posts, and your other one is in the OSX forum on the same problem.

Did Ollie's instructions not work out?
That is - did you get Lame installed......or are you having problems downloading it to the correct folder?

If you're still having the same problem. maybe you should have posted a follow up on the same thread, as you're more likely to get your problem resolved if you follow it up where those who replied can see it.

Otherwise, you should probably create a new thread in "newbieland" and I'm sure you'll get help to download Lame and install it.

Lots of people are using macs and Reaper Forums are generally very helpful - so your problem isn't insurmountable.

So I'd post back on your own thread you started in OSX forum, or start a new one here in newbieland.

Good luck, I'm sure you'll get it resolved with a bit of persistance, and sorry I can't help....I'm a windows user.

p.s. - Maybe also make your question clearer - are you having problems setting up your mac for recording?

Just so you know - Lame has no part in the process or problems with recording.

Any problems you have recording come you should ask for help to set up recording on a mac.....otherwise people might look at your question and avoid it because it involves different (confused) aspects.

So get help from a mac user on setting up for recording first, either in newbieland or OSX forum.

Lame is only used to convert recordings to MP3 once they are setting up Lame on a mac is a separate question.

Good luck.

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