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Default The Book


I'm new to the community and new to home recording. 25 years ago I spent quite a bit of time in recording studios (analog) and then spent several years as a live audio engineer (again, analog) after a 20 year plus absence from the music industry I'm preparing to get back into things from a home studio perspective. I've completely missed out on the digital audio revolution and in my initial research have become overwhelmed with the shear volume of products, processes and opinions. I keep finding my way to Reaper and I just found this thread regarding the book for beginners. I've already ordered it from Amazon and should receive it in about a week. I did notice that the book was initially offered several years ago and Reaper has been updated several times since the books initial publication. However, I'm going to assume that the book will still be relevant as it should be quite basic and although Reaper has seen many changes and advances..... My hope is that the basic architecture is still close enough for the book to be helpful.

Please let me know of any changes that may cause confusion for me from book to current reaper version.

And thank you for your efforts on providing information and a helpful community for those of us who need it most!

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