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Great.. Got the book and am reading through first. I'm not new to recording as i've used the old teac 4 track cassette based then a Korg D8 now a Boss BR1600. Therefore a lot seems quite self explanatory. Would love to get into computer based recording though, and in this respect I'm definitely in the Newbie category! As the book's been around for a while now is the disc still relevant and updateable after the 30 days? I am using an iMac (from about 2009 I think) There seems to be an awful lot of trouble with this type of recording if the unending number of forums are to be believed and this is tending to put me off. Surely there are recommendations as to which hardware is best, even on a budget? The last thing anyone wants is to spend money on an interface etc and end up with endless latency problems. I would love any feedback that could recommend a decent interface etc that will avoid latency and the like to start with. The type of recording I will mostly be doing is with Vocals, backing vocals, drums, guitar, bass and Korg N364 keyboard either as it is or as a midi controller.Just the basics really although will no doubt expand in the future.
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