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Default lyrics on web browser

I am looking to setup lyrics playback on a web browser.. I have got it working with the midi lyrics script, it sends to the browser ok but I don't like the way it looks by default with the white background and black text.. does anyone know of any other html templates that work with that script to change the appearance ?

Also I noticed another way of setting lyrics up from X-Raym script..

I couldn't get that method working though.. I setup track 1 and called it lyrics, inserted empty items on that track and put text in them.. I used the X-Raym.html lyrics template and then ran the X-Raym convert lyrics script but it gives me this error...

...rack items notes for dedicated web browser interface.lua:81: bad argument #2 to 'GetTrackName' (string expected, got no value)

the template loads in the browser but all I see is the word lyrics in top left corner ?? anyone know where I might be going wrong ?
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