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Default Reaper, Helix Native, and Alesis Q25 Controller not playing nice

So I have been trying to get the Q25 to send midi commands to Helix Native so I can control some things such as Bypassing effects, Snapshots etc. I am having partial success but cant seem to get there all the way.

My Q25 controller is set up and enabled in Reaper, ReaControlMIDI is seeing all the keypresses (such as first key is note 48. I have the Midi input on a separate track and then being sent to the audio/MIDI track that Native is on. In Native there is an icon when it sees a Midi note. Unfortunately it is not seeing the keypresses. It will only see when I move the Modulation wheel(CC1) on the keyboard or the Pitch wheel. All the rest are ignored. So it is seeing something but not most of the commands. In the Native track I have checked the Reaper Trim option for automation and tried to learn a command, and it does see all the midi note press there, but still not recognized in Native directly by the Midi In indicator.

Cant figure out why its only seeing the Pitch and Modulation wheels and not any other MIDI note (I made sure Native was not restricted on certain CC notes).

If any one can provide some guidance I would appreciate it.
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