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Default Miditoreacontrolpath vst

So I'm building two versions of a live playback software for reaper to work on both osx and win .
I was using marker actions to make follow actions but found that it becomes clunky when rearranging regions as they also stick and snap to these markers and decided to use items with midi notes to trigger these actions .

It allows me to fill the item with images like (stop) (autofollow) borrowing ideas from qlab.
To get this to work, i can use iac bus on osx, or loopbe1 for win , but then i stumbled across miditoreacontrolpath vst plugin on the forum by jeffos.
It seems however, that the links are dead so was wondering if anyone has both the osx and win 64bit versions of these plugins . It would actually be better for the portable install so i can just use the portable install on any computer without actually installing the loopbe driver or iac bus on new system .
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