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Default Reaper 6 and video - what does it take to import?


I'm exporting H-264 from Premiere Pro 2020 but I'm not getting Reaper to import it.

I'm export MPEG from Premiere Pro 2020 and Reaper is importing the audio of that video fine but it's showing a green screen insteadof the video content.


1. I read something about VLC - do I need to have VLC installed in order for Reaper to play back video? I rather not install to many video apps on my machine of not absolutely necessary.

2. Without VLC is video not possible in Reaper? Or what format of video should I export from Premiere Pro to make Reaper make a successful import if that video?

I'm working with both Premiere Pro 2020 and DaVinci Resolve 16 but I really prefer doing as much audio work as I can in Reaper (not only composing for picture which of course can only be done in Reaper).

I had this working in my old W7 install for Reaper 5.X but I made a new install now for W10 and Reaper 6 and don't remember how it was all set up...

Thanks for any help...


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