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Originally Posted by Lokasenna View Post
A lot of distortion, most of the time.

And yes, I've used modellers in a band setting previously - once you crank it up, good luck telling that it's a modeller coming out of your 4x12, or through the club's PA.
I can tell immediately if I'm playing it, I'd love for that to not be the case but it isn't. Put it this way, I have a fair amount of money wasted trying to make that happen so it surely isn't bias to justify my purchase trying to do that and I'm 100% sure it is noticeable to me, the player.

I have no problem with high gain, use it from time to time myself but is a very small portion of the tonal requirements I need from the instrument. We have to grade the 'entire' gamut of tones people use and all of those must pass that grade in order to exclaim only liars can tell the difference. Not trying to give you grief, just sayin we should be careful about assuming every person complaining is either dishonest or is out of their mind.

If it doesn't bother someone, that's great, they should use it but that isn't always the case.
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