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Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
I see more and more bands performing live with a Kemper, so yeah...

It's not junk.
I have yet to see one live, but undoubtedly it must happen.

And it better not be junk for $2k (not counting footpedal!).

I'm just saying, I'm not enough of an idiot to think I need more than 3 or 4 TOTAL guitar sounds. Most guitarists can't play worth a crap. Forget your stupid tone quest nonsense and learn how to fret your silly notes properly. Biggest issue among guitarists today not their amp; it's the fact that they can't stay in tune and just can't play. And like the other thing I said --- you want to charge me 2 grand?!?! Better sell me a real all-tube handwired head. No circuit solder, breathe and break ...

P.S. Can't wait to find out repair costs on these. Buy a tube amp -- any fool can fix one!
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