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Originally Posted by run, megalodon View Post
My problem is that I am using the classic theme, simply trying to erase some elements such as phase and the volume and pan labels, and so I have just entered a list of "clear *" in my RT config (I was using an RTconfig to enable pngs so I just used that instead of default_rules.txt). But while the elements have been removed, gaps have been left in their place. How can I get rid of the gaps? do I just need to manually reorder the leftover icons using the 8 number values? Do you recommend that I just start with with a blank tcp as you do in the tutorial and build from there?
Yes, you need to edit the numbers. You've made the space, so its for you to tell Reaper what to put there instead. If that means scooting everything up to fill in, you should just need to change the location coordinates.

Starting from a blank layout would probably not be too helpful if you're just doing an edit.

Originally Posted by run, megalodon View Post
Also I noticed that as soon as I added some Walter code to my rtconfig, I lost all the layouts that came with the pre-release. How come and can I get them back?
You need to copy the full default V3 Walter settings into your rtconfig, and edit from there.
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