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Default ED's Color Toolbar v2.5 (inspired by carbon's color toolbar) released!

Yeah, so there it is!

Here's how to do it. NO PYTHON NEEDED ANYMORE! Only SWS extension (latest version, from v1.4.0 onward)!

1. Download the attached ZIP file.

* Run Reaper, then open the Actions list by pressing '?' key, search for "resource". Now run "Show Reaper resource path in explorer" action. (You can also do this with Options->Show Reaper resource path in explorer/finder.) Unzip the downloaded folder to THIS folder! The icons, keymap and menuset file will unpack where they need to be.

* Open Actions list again, then press "Import/Export..." button and select "Import..." Now navigate to your KeyMaps folder, then load up Color Toolbar Actions.ReaperKeyMap.

5. Open Customize toolbar... Bear in mind that I used TOOLBAR 2 for these icons. If you have toolbar 2 already taken, then you need to go to the folder in which you installed Reaper, and check inside MenuSets folder, open Color Toolbar.ReaperMenu file, and change the number inside the brackets. For example, if you have toolbar 4 free, change [Floating Toolbar 2] to [Floating Toolbar 4].

6. Now go back to REAPER's Customize toolbar... and load up the Color Toolbar.ReaperMenu file. It should be located in your Reaper\MenuSets folder, unless you moved MenuSets folder to your %appdata%/REAPER folder (where menuset files usually reside, on Windows).

7. After you loaded the toolbar, save it, and then open the Color Management window by clicking the Palette icon on the toolbar (the last one on bottom right). We need to load our custom colorset in there. The file needed is attached below.

8. That's all, folks!

Take a look in the Wiki to see some setup examples with images (click on my signature)!

v2.5 UPDATE: I have renamed the icons, because I noticed that if you put "toolbar_" at the beginning, Reaper will recognize the icons even if they are found inside a theme folder or .ReaperThemeZip file! Yes, that's right! Now you can modify my icons for the color toolbar and PACK IT WITH YOUR THEME!!! for all the other users to enjoy, and to make the icons fit to your theme! You just make sure that THE NAMES ARE EXACTLY THE SAME, and hopefully it should work! Good luck!


EDIT: archive refreshed with .SWSColor file that's needed to set the custom colors. Removed Reaper folder from the ZIP, made installing easier for those using 64-bit Reaper. Added instructions on which SWS extension version is needed and how to open Color Management window.

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