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Feature request

maybe add a little COLOR-CUBE on the far right of FOLDER tracks?

[FOLDER tracks as busses HARD TO FIND without some extra color on them, i think]

maybe a little COLOR-CUBE (or something) on the far right (or somewhere) of FOLDER tracks?

Would anyone agree that when using a lot of folders (as busses) that it could be very helpful to
have track color show somehow on maybe just the right edge of the FOLDER itself?
I find that brilliant as not colouring the entire tracks is, until selected, and that just having the far left colour bit there is good,
THAT/YET, with a lot of folders EXPANDED (showing child sub track) it's very hard to find JUST the folders.

SORRY for no images to show. should figure out how to do that. -sigh/smile- Why does time almost always win!!! Grrr!


NOTE: deleted bit about FX not showing in TCP until going to mixer, then back to tracks (TCP)
happens with default theme too!

LOVE THIS THEME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
best wishes to all

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