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Originally Posted by Faderjockey View Post
I donated took for ever to get Link when I did it was a bad link.. when I msg about it got now answer.. I’ve been busy remodeling studio and still trying to fit sessions in so haven’t had time to check in here.. but still got no reply.. I won’t be donating anymore..

And I just checked my inbox again and the Dropbox link he sent me when you click on it it just says can’t display link which I’ve never seen with Dropbox before but nothing I can do..
This is very strange. Others, myself included, haven't had any issues with the Dropbox link. Are you trying to open the file from Dropbox? Cause, yeah, then Dropbox will display a message about not being able to display a file because it can't preview RepaerThemeZip files.

The process should be:

1. Click the Dropbox link you were provided.

2. Towards the top-right of Dropbox, you should see a white "Download" button. Click that then select "Direct Download" to download the file. If you don't see the "Download" button, click the arrow on the top-right to "Open Sidecar" then click the Download button. If you don't see either then post a screen print of what dropbox looks like in your browser.

3. Once you've downloaded the file, just unrar it using whatever software you use for .rar files (7zip, WinRAR, etc.)

4. Follow the install instructions.

Note: BlankFiles already said he works in a mine and isn't able to get online every day.
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