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I hear audio differently now after many years in my learning of recording than what I did when I was gigging in bands and that meant three or more times a week and working a job.
I believe my ear has improved in recognizing tone and slowly pitch.
Every microphone that has not been cloned to the ninth degree will have a different sound.
Why, how has the grill been drilled what thickness the grill what dimensions.
What size the body, what kind of metal, pop filter or no pop filter.
This could go on and then there is the position of the mic relative to your voice, the room, any little deviation will give you some difference tonally.
Are you singing into under or over the mic. The list is endless really.
What I am trying to say is that if you are early to audio you may pick up later the finesse of being able to hear more clearly what golden ear people hear.
I am not there yet but I am pleased with the way I am going myself yes...
Having patience for Time will enable great learning.

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