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Originally Posted by ivansc View Post
In my case, I had a lot of experience using high HIGH end vocal mics, I bought the Rode after using it at a local studio & being blown away with how kind it was to my particular voice.
Nothing wrong with U87s, especially if you get a good older one.

My dream mic on my voice is/was a vintage AKG C12 I got to use in Rockfield. Stunning mic. Stunning price as well, sadly.
Never have liked C414s, but I do like older 251s.

Such a luxury to be able to actually hear what you sound like through them in a good listening environment.
Stuff like that I count myself very lucky on.

I do wish I had managed to hear myself on one of the nicer Microtech Gefell ones, though.
I have a few Neumanns in my kit and they're all nice of course. I don't have a U87 yet. I think the modding favorite I was trying to remember is a Microtech Gefell. But nothing should be dismissed and sometimes you find an unexpected good choice for a mic.

I think the point I was trying to make with that story was to not get hung up too much on a name. In that case the dude not only had one with something obviously broken but he was so disconnected he had it up pointing backwards. And then bragging about having it the whole time. He was a weird kind of fan tagging along with the band. He "recorded" them you see. I grabbed a split of his U87 like you might do. I was already planning on using my 421s for the sax because I wanted more sax in those channels than drums and cymbals. Picky right?

Still hard to go wrong with a name like Neumann. I mean unless you're trying to buy vintage stuff and get stuck with broken stuff! Yeah, I wouldn't mind a C12 either! Unobtainium.
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