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One also buys different mics for things other than sound. Using some cheap and extreme examples, a $20 Neerwer NW-800 is a condenser with uber tinny sound out of the box, unless you talk within 2 inches of it to exploit the proximity effect.

$120 Neewer NW-410s are SDC with much better sound, especially at the lower end, but they can be noisy.

A $1000 pair of sE4400a's sound close to the NW-410's in terms of someone talking or singing through them, but they are so much cleaner its blatantly obvious.

A lot depends on the source (voice, instrument), what it is going in to ($40 interface or a several thousand dollar Apollo or higher end digital mixing board). Of course the final end of the chain, headphones or monitors/speakers have a LOT to do with what you ultimately hear.

What no one touched on is recording quality levels... I find I can tell differences in dynamics and voice quality recording at 44.1 vs 192... there is a richness there that the lower levels don't have and they display the differences between mics even more.

Just my very newbie 2 cents worth.
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