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If anyone's open to experimenting and not going to blame me in case anything goes wrong, here's what I found works pretty well in terms of getting big parts of your old config working with each new iLogic update:

1. Prior to updating your iLogic theme, export your current configuration, back up all relevant stuff and call it something like "backup.ReaperConfigZip"
2. Import the iLogic 3-6 configuration (you can always go back to this config if anything gets broken)
3. Exit Reaper
4. Open File Explorer and locate your "backup.ReaperConfigZip" file (or whatever you called it)
5. Make a copy of this file
6. Take the copy and change the extension .zip
7. Open that zip file
8. Now in the root folder, you'll see a bunch of .ini files, you can copy *some* of these right into your Reaper Resource Path (overwriting what's there) and get back many of your old settings. It takes some figuring out, but you can copy the .ini files for things like AU, DX, VST plugins, mouse settings, VST settings, FX folders/option, screensets, and sws-autocolors.

I'm not sure if the REAPER.ini can be imported without breaking anything in the theme - that'll be something I probably look into with the next update. I *believe* if you import the reaper_kb.ini (keyboard shortcuts and actions) you're going to break some of the custom actions in iLogic so I'd stay away from that for now.

Note for BlankFiles, I think if some of these files are just removed the config, users will be able to update more seamlessly in the future. It may take some collective trial and error to figure out what can be removed and what needs to stay but may be worthwhile. It's a bit painful to reconfigure Reaper from scratch with each new iLogic update.

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