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Default A bit sad

Is there really no pointers or suggestoins from anyone gere to help me figure this out? Hercules says it's a Reaper problem and I have no clue where should I look to correct how their hardware talks to Reaper :-(

***** My Question **********

"Your message:

Hello to all at Hercules!

I have a specific question on MIDI mapping to Reaper DAW.
I woild like to use the controler to map the functions of it's knobs and faders so I can control the functions of plugins with them.
There is some funcionality but when I turn the fader it goes for 0 to 100% immediately there and back.

I believe it is possible but I do not know how to map the MIDI functions and it's timings.

Can you pleasae help me out on how to correctly do this?

Thank you... "

****** Hercules answer *********

"Dear Cro-G,

We thank you for your choice of Hercules products and for reaching us regarding your inquiry.

A resolution to your inquiry can be provided only by the developer of the application that you are trying to use.

If the application doesn't include a MIDI learning function then you have to use the Setting menu from it to manually build your own profile. And for that the necessary steps can be provided only by the developer of the app.

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