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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
But I am rather sure that nobody will ever provide a dedicated "Nektar" Reaper extension, and hence it never will be appear in this list.
Except Nektar does exactly that it just has to be installed properly - as the OP said, Nektar calls them integration files, not sure how that is done on Mac but on PC the DLL goes in the UserPlugins folder like any third-party extension should (reaper_csurf_PanoramaP6ReaperDAWControl64.dll for the P6 for example)...


Did you register and download the integration files?

Nektar DAW Integration

If your DAW is supported with Nektar DAW integration software, you’ll need to first create a user account on our website and subsequently
register your product to then gain access to the downloadable files applicable to your product.

Start by creating a Nektar user account here:

Next follow the instructions given to register your product and finally click on the “My Downloads” link to access your files.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to read the installation instructions in the PDF guide, included in the downloaded package, to ensure you don’t miss
an important step.
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