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Originally Posted by kirk1701 View Post
I've always felt it was overkill to run a preamp into a preamp. Is it possible to use the SPDIF input to bypass in the onboard preamp? If so, how? I'm a dunce in this area.
The manual says the combo mic input (input #2 on the right) is TRS balanced line input when using a balanced 1/4" TRS cable, if that is the case and the gain knob doesn't change gain, it is a line in and is what the external pre is supposed to plug into.

If the gain knob does change gain when using TRS Balanced input on input 2, then turn the gain all the way down which should be the same thing - no need to worry about noise if it isn't actually gaining up anything since a preamp with zero gain is just a buffer = line input. Regarding spidf, the Pre-73 doesn't have a digital/spdif out so that's not going to work anyway.
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