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Originally Posted by talustalus View Post

This theme is great. I know it's about 2 years old, but the only thing I have trouble with is seeing the selected track highlighted color (especially in mixer).
The selected tracks background can be changed 1 of 2 ways.
1) If you are only coloring the label and not the whole track, you can just do the following in the Theme Tweak window.
Look for and change the color for this entry:
Selected Track Control Panel Background

2) If you are coloring the whole track, do the following:
- move the theme to to another folder and unpack it.
- find all instances of the TCP_BGSEL.PNG and MCP_BGSEL.PNG.
- use a graphic program to selected and lighten the main area of the track background PNG.
This area is partially transparent, so it should be easy to identify.

Originally Posted by talustalus View Post
..the folder hierarchy in the TCP - it would be good to change the 'strip' color to the left which gets thicker as the folders go down more levels. For example, making it something like white would clearly show this.
Unfortunately, changing it to white will do little to help the issue.
The current color of yellow is actually very bright, but is unfortunately darkened and muted by being covered with the folder background.
I could not find a way to limit the folder background so it just covers the start of the track background as it expands with the folder depth.
To change it will change the look of the TCP too much from what I want it to look like.
I do plan to redo the buttons in the TCP at some future date, at which point I will experiment with ways to alleviate the issue or possibly just give the TCP an entirely different look.

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