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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
From Geoff:

"Just like you can use this syntax:

TrackOnSelection MapTrackAndFXToWidgets

you can now do the same for last focused FX:

TrackOnFocusedFX MapSingleFXToWidgetsForTrack"

So in my C4.axt I just swapped TrackOnSelection MapFX to Widgets for TrackOnFocusedFX MapSingleFXToWidgetsForTrack and now only the focussed (active window) FX maps to the surface.

C4 looks like this:
TrackOnFocusedFX MapSingleFXToWidgetsForTrack

SlotUp Reaper _S&M_WNONLY1
SlotDown Reaper _S&M_WNONLY2
TrackL Reaper _6e6967db562a45f3b499d3b9daaefd60
TrackR Reaper _172419af88f947d1b7205e75478aa4b7
SlotUp/Down is SWS/S&M: Float previous/next FX (and close others) for selected tracks

TrackL/R is a custom action comprising:

SWS/S&M: Close all floating FX windows + Track: Go to next track

This closes the floating fx windows opened by SlotUp/SlotDown, when you use the C4 TrackL/R buttons to move to a new track. Stops too many FX windows staying open and making a mess.

Big advantage of TrackOnFocusedFX MapSingleFXToWidgetsForTrack is no more collisions on the surface, as only one FX is mapped at a time and navigation is by slot, which is how most people conceptualise the FX chain. Also, on a C4, all but the biggest (most parameters) plugins can be mapped in full.

There does seem to be a bug in the latest build that causes the master fader to disappear from the surface- be good if you could try it out and see if you get the same results- might just be me
Thanks, i'll try this out tomorrow when i have some time.
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